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A Best of Breed ESG Reporting Tool

Our best-of-breed solution empowers organizations to implement and measure sustainable environmental practices throughout their business. We enable you to monitor a variety of standards, making it simple to maintain a cohesive and sustainable approach to environmental responsibility.


Work with Departments and External Partners

Tracking and reporting can be easily achieved across departments, partners and ESG advisors with special, secure, and user-friendly portals for each.

Plan Right from the Get-Go

Leverage a rich feature set, including setting up Reporting Metrics and Indicators (RMI), Materiality Surveys, managing stakeholders and report simulations. The system lets you flexibly plan, manage, and track your ESG goals.

Automate Reporting

ESG360 can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems through APIs, allowing for efficient data transfer and reducing the risk of errors. This ensures that your ESG reporting is not only comprehensive but also streamlined and effortless.

Historical Analysis

ESG360 provides in-depth historical analysis, allowing you to track trends and gain valuable insights into your ESG performance over timeYou can identify areas of improvement, set new targets, and make data-driven decisions.

ESG Software for Small and Large Organizations

Whether you are a small or large organization, we are committed to supporting you in accelerating your ESG reporting and achieving your sustainability objectives. We provide flexible commercial options, including a fully licensed software deployed in your data center, or a SaaS model. 

Intelligent ESG software

We design intelligent, secure software to help purpose-driven organizations manage, measure, improve, and report on their emissions, ESG, social impact, and sustainability .


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