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Insights 360

An integrated computational analytics solution designed to give management a 360-degree, real-time view of its business.

A flexible system that can connect to multiple data sources, gather and consolidate information, do heavy computations, and produce a wide range of reports, plots, and analytic dashboards.

Connect 360

Connect your IT estate to run enterprise-wide human or technical processes.

Remove inefficiencies, optimize data flows and enable information sharing between systems and people.


ESG 360

Sustainable Investing for a Sustainable World

ESG 360 enables businesses to monitor and report their Enterprise, Social, & Corporate Governance (ESG) status. It works by consolidating data, either via manual entries or via automatic ingestion from other systems. It then performs the necessary computations to produce reports for executive and public reporting.

The system is currently in beta stage. VFTee is calling for early adopter customers to join other existing organizations in the co-development and shaping of its ESG 360 platform. Existing first-movers benefit from privileges such as influencing the solution roadmap.

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