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Applied AI

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Applied AI

Innovating Today for a Smarter Tomorrow

Practical implementation of AI in real-world scenarios!

Applied AI is the practical implementation of AI technology in real-world scenarios encountered by enterprises. This includes delivering AI solutions leveraging cloud-based AI services, Large Language Models (LLM) and on-premises AI/ML frameworks. From leveraging pre-trained models to training proprietary ones, VFTee has the expertise and experience to deliver value with the practical utilization of AI within operational business contexts.

Tooling of Choice

Azure AI (Microsoft)

Leverage one of the multitude of available services and models from Microsoft Azure AU. We help you understand, adopt and incorporate these services into your daily workflows. 

Oracle Document Understanding

We utilize Oracle Document Understanding Cloud Service to process documents such as invoices, passports and identities to remove manual work and automate the importing of information into your core ERP and CRM systems.

Machine Learning

Have specific projects? We have a solution! We have selected a specific technology component that allow us to drive AI and ML projects on-premises or in the cloud, backed by a major, global vendor. Its "AI in a box", delivered to your organization!

Invoice Problems?

Delays in entering invoices into your ERP mean increased risk for your business. We can help!

Leveraging pre-trained or custom-trained models we can extract key information from invoices and other documents. And with our low code tooling we can build a custom application for your employees to interact with the AI service, to approve inputs into your ERP, further automating the process and slashing your invoice processing times.

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