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Customer Success Stories


Integrated Data Warehouse and Analytics Solution 

Proliferated reporting and visibility across all employees, gave management a unified 360-degrre view, and increased revenue and collections.

Crafted a modern reporting and dashboard tool for all company employees, unifying disparate data streams, and delivering a singular 'command center' with real-time insights.

#Insights 360, #Analytics, #DWH-for-SMB, #Dashboards


Quotation Management Engine

Improved revenue projections by converting a paper-based process into a fully automated one, with approvals and reporting.

Engineered a versatile micro-app enabling our client to effortlessly generate and manage quotations for their clientele. Streamlined quotation issuance and correlated data with actual invoices. 

#low-code, #quotation-management


Employee Performance Management

A robust performance management application facilitating task, objective, and project tracking, empowering both employees and managers. This intuitive platform fosters data-driven dialogues, enabling meaningful discussions on performance topics. It serves as a centralized hub for transparent and collaborative interactions, enhancing productivity and driving continual improvement across the organization.

A custom-made application designed and delivered  to-order, matching the client's specific methodology for employee performance feedback and development.

#performance-management #law-firm


Connect ERP with Cloud Solution

Optimized the delivery routes for goods, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing CO2 emmissions.

Delivered connectivity between an ERP system and a cloud-based routing engine using our 'Connect 360' middleware application. This innovative solution provided efficient mediation and orchestration of APIs, ensuring flawless integration and synchronization between systems. By leveraging our middleware, we enabled a smooth data flow and optimized processes between the ERP and the cloud-based routing engine.

#connect360, #enterprise-integration


Modern Mobile Application with Secure Backend

A highly engaging mobile application enables direct and frequent communication with a wide audience.

Utilizing our 'Connect 360' middleware application, we engineered a secure and resilient backend for a mobile application aimed at an association's members. This robust backend infrastructure ensured not only a secure data environment but also facilitated seamless communication between the mobile app and the association's systems. The 'Connect 360' middleware provided a foundation for reliable and scalable functionality, enhancing the app's performance and user experience for the association's members.

#mobile #connect360


Simple HR

Streamlined the management of employee data, consolidating files and excels into a secure, auditable database.

We developed a streamlined HR system to efficiently manage employee information and documentation. This intuitive platform provides a centralized repository for essential employee data and documents, simplifying HR processes and ensuring easy access to crucial information for improved organizational efficiency.


Customer Quotes

We trusted VFTee for our first digital modernization initiative and have been quite impressed with their professionalism and experience. The business analysis and the end project were both delivered at the highest quality and standards. It's been a nice journey from which we are already seeing business benefits.

Mr. Charalambos Meivatzis
Kinanis LLC

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