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What we do


Boost productivity where you need it the most!

Micro-Apps Rock!

Powerful, off-the-shelf!

Micro-Apps are powerful, commercial off-the-shelf applications tailored to address precise business needs and use-cases. Boost productivity where you need it the most!


Get exactly what you need, without the excess baggage and cost associated with larger solutions from mega-vendors. 

Flexibility At Hand!

We can swiftly deliver our Micro-Apps as-is or customize them to meet your specific needs. We can deliver on-premises or in the Cloud. We offer licensing and rent-as-a-service options. It’s Your choice!

Our Micro-Applications

Software Applications available for immediate use on-Premises or from the Cloud. Available either as-is or with customizations to meet your precise needs.

Insights 360

An integrated computational analytics and business intelligence engine designed to give management a 360-degree, real-time view of its business.

Performance Management Pro 

A powerful tool to define and monitor employee performance goals. Ensure clarity, alignment, and accountability in achieving organizational objectives.

Connect 360 

A robust application integration engine suitable for tactical integrations and API orchestrations. Optimize data flows and enable information sharing between systems and people.

HR 360

A real micro-application to manage key employee information. Track personal information, emergency contact details, employment history and associated documents such as contract, certifications and CVs.

Contracts 360

A user-friendly solution designed to streamline and optimize your contract management lifecycle. Seamlessly navigate through contract stages, ensure all obligations are met in time, and get reminded on key milestones.

Don’t See it?

We build Micro-Apps to order, to cover your specific business needs.

Application Accelerators

Application Accelerators are scaffolding software that enable organizations to benefit from a solution tailored to their specific needs, without reinventing the basics, and thus optimizing time-to-market and ROI.

Regulatory Reporting 

A low-code accelerator for custom solutions addressing regulatory reporting such as reporting to regulators, tax authorities (DAC6) and more. Reduce reporting burden and tackle ineffective manual processes, ensuring strong compliance and risk reduction.

Asset Management

A simple asset management and tracking tool designed to streamline asset monitoring, optimize resource allocation, and enhance asset transparency within your organization.

Petty Expenses

An intuitive petty expenses management solution tailored to efficiently track and manage minor expenditures, ensuring accurate financial oversight, and simple reimbursement processes.

KYC Process Orchestrator

A KYC orchestration platform designed to streamline and manage the collection, validation, and organization of Know Your Customer (KYC) data. This micro-app includes liveness checks and digital signatures, and simplifies the KYC process for enhanced due diligence and regulatory adherence.

Mobile Applications

Our custom mobile application accelerators combine a modern framework for native Android and iOS development with a backend component designed to serve both as an integration middleware and an added security layer.

Extend Existing Applications

Extend existing applications with a Micro-App that addresses needs not covered by your core system. With flexible integration options you can simply wire a Micro-App to the side of your ERP, CRM, HCM and other core apps, gaining a boost in productivity in a cost-efficient way.

6 Reasons to Choose Our Micro-Apps


Tackle Precise Needs

Pay only for what you need, with no excess baggage.


Flexible Customizations

Align the solution to your specific needs.


Swift Implementation

Get up and running in no time, contrary to large projects.


Boost Productivity

Optimize complex tasks, introducing automation and efficiencies.


Simplify Decision Taking

Introduce business process workflows with approval and task management capabilities.



Introduce Dashboards, Mobile, AI and other innovation paradigms into your daily flows.

Optimize complex tasks, introducing software-driven  automation and efficiencies

Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Modern User Experience

Highly Secure Systems




Looking for ESG?

Looking to prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance to drive your goals? Talk to us about ESG software options.

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