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Low-Code Software Development

Specialists in

Low-Code Software Development

Speed and Safety in Software Development


Fast and efficient software development enabled by an enterprise-grade low-code methodology.

Safety: Guaranteed Results

Rigorous testing and quality assurance processes enforced by a modern low-code framework to ensure reliable outcomes.

Safety: Top-Notch Security

Software resistant against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Tools renowned for their security. Used by global brands!

We Deliver

Enterprise-Grade Software

Low-code  software development helps you digitalize and modernize legacy processes via the speedy introduction of made-to-order, enterprise-grade, software applications.

Results to Make You Proud!

Whether you are a business owner or a C-level executive, our project deliverables are poised to make you proud drivers of the digital transformation journey in your organization.

How Low-Code Optimizes the Development Process

Developer Productivity

Low-Code’s reusable assets enhance productivity, accelerating the development processes.


Stakeholder Collaboration

Low-Code exemplifies the concept of agile, collaborative development, enabling a unique See-Discuss-Adjust model. 


Low-Code expedites application development allowing for a faster turnaround of your custom project. 


Reduced development time and more productive resources mean cost efficiencies passed on to you.

Quality Results

Low-Code promotes and enforces standardized best-practices, ensuring consistency across applications, reducing discrepancies and promoting repeatable quality results.

Our Tooling of Choice

Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX, known for its agility and robustness, is a low-code development platform enabling rapid creation and deployment of web-based applications. It empowers businesses to swiftly build scalable, secure, and data-driven solutions tailored to their specific needs.

High-Quality Solutions

With Oracle APEX, businesses can get the solutions they need to automate their processes quickly, without compromising on quality.


Remarkable Value

Oracle APEX embodies agility and innovation at an affordable price point, breaking away from the traditional notion that high-quality development must come at a steep cost. APEX redefines the standards for accessible, top-tier software.

Modernizing Forms and Reports?


At VFTee we can help drive your modernization journey, ensuring a seamless transition from legacy Forms and Reports systems to cutting-edge web applications. We use Oracle APEX alongside an AI-based assistive approach, to dissect legacy code and transform your applications with a high degree of reuse and efficiency.

Low-Code Software Development

Developer Shortage?
Not Anymore!

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, the scarcity and cost of skilled developers is a challenge faced by many businesses. With low-code development, this challenge becomes an opportunity.

Certified Experience!

We pride ourselves on working with a team of developers who bring expertise and proficiency to every project.

A Productivity Boost!

The use of low-code  software development together with AI enables our teams to be  highly productive. The resulting savings we pass on to you!

Let's build the future together!

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