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Enterprise Technology

What we do

Enterprise Technology

Expertise and Experience

VFTee focuses on select areas where we have strong expertise and experience to deliver differentiation and add significant value.


Rapid Software Development

Supercharge your software creation, slash development time and effortlessly fuel innovation with our rapid development services. Powered by a low-code methodology and AI, we can deliver impact at speed!

The low-code software development market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.4% from 2022 to 2031, reaching a value of $125.6 billion by 2031. The reason is simple: low-code development works well, and it works fast! If you have special projects in mind, then low-code software development could be the tool of choice.

Ref: Allied Market Research: "Low-Code Development Platform Market Research, 2031"


Enterprise Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate systems to move data where it needs to be, at the right time, accurately and securely. Deliver a better customer or citizen experience, reduce your costs, and allow innovation to flourish!

Properly wiring your IT estate, ensuring that applications and systems exchange information efficiently, can be the difference between a struggling or a thriving organization. VFTee can advise and help demystify this space, including terms like SOA, API management, API Orchestration and Choreography, Event Driven Architecture, and Microservices. 


Business Process Management

Transform your workflows and automate tasks and approvals with our powerful business process management tooling. At VFTee we understand the pivotal role streamlined business processes can play in driving success and for this reason our tailored solutions don't just optimize processes; they redefine efficiency!



Take your business on-the-go, reaching customers anywhere or empowering your employees to excel whilst on the road.  Deliver a modern native-OS user experience complete with push notifications. Quickly adjust to change as needed, with a highly agile and secure backend. 

We specialize in developing applications that transcend platforms, allowing you to code once and deploy seamlessly on both iOS and Android. We craft customer-facing or employee-centric apps that ensure a unified and efficient experience across devices.


Oracle Cloud Services

We deliver robust, scalable, and secure cloud solutions tailored to your business needs. Our experts leverage Oracle's cutting-edge technologies to architect, optimize and manage IaaS and PaaS solutions on OCI. From basic compute, networking and storage, to database management and advanced analytics, our people ensure your business operates at peak efficiency!


Enterprise Architecture Services

Our digital transformation and enterprise architecture services are designed to help strategically align your organization's IT estate with your overarching business objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help you optimize your technology investments for maximum business return and impact. For this, we utilize methodologies crafted out of decades of experience with large, enterprise customers.

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