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A&E Solutions Consultants connects to the Cloud with VFTee

We are thrilled to announce that A&E Solutions Consultants worked with VFTee to connect its on-premises ERP application to a Cloud SaaS system.

A & E Solutions Consultants Ltd advises the food and beverage industry on issues ranging from business development and safety to factory design and new product development.

Mr. Efstathios Nikolaou, A & E Solutions Consultants Ltd. Managing Partner, commented:

"VFTee seamlessly handled the integration of our ERP with a cloud-based routing planning system, using the right tools deployed on AWS. Their expertise in architectural design, API orchestration, and data transformations was exceptional, and they kept us informed every step of the way. Thanks to their efforts, we now optimize deliveries and onboard drivers faster. Highly recommend!"

VFTee is excited to have worked with A & E Solutions Consultants to help them achieve their business goals.


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