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Communication Service Provider

Modernize, Innovate & Keep the Lights On!

Maintaining operational stability along BSS and OSS, while simultaneously adopting new trends and reducing cost, poses a unique challenge for CSPs.

Finding the right balance demands a careful approach on enterprise architecture and a seamless integration of new technologies with legacy systems.

Address Regulatory Compliance

Navigating complex regulations and addressing evolving requirements is crucial in mitigating risks and maintaining trust. Introducing the right software tools becomes increasingly relevant.

Achieve Efficiencies at Speed

Introduce the right applications your employees need, achieving remarkable efficiencies at speed. Low-Code platforms enable innovation whilst addressing developer scarcity.

Modernize to Innovate and Reduce Cost

Updating legacy systems can streamline operations, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance overall agility. By embracing modern technologies and methodologies such as microservices and DevOps, CSPs can improve service delivery while effectively managing operational expenses.

Improve Customer Retention and Increase ARPU

Seamless, personalized services drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased ARPU. Understanding individual needs and leveraging technology to anticipate and cater to those needs fosters strong, lasting relationships crucial for sustained success. 

Α significant growth opportunity

Telecom providers have a significant growth opportunity as the demand for reliable and fast telecommunications services continues to increase. New technologies like 5G and the proliferation of IoT devices, along with the increasing adoption of cloud computing and remote work, will drive the demand for more data and connectivity, creating new revenue streams for telecom providers. Having the right IT estate in place can make or break a CSP and keep investors happy.


Event Driven Architectures

Empower your systems to react and adapt in real-time with cutting-edge event-driven architecture solutions. Whether for BSS and OSS integration or IoT, event-driven is the modern way to go!

Camunda BPM

A modern business process management platform with dozens of client references in the insurance industry. Covers the complete set of needs and is delivered in a flexible cloud or on-premises manner.

Employee and Agent Custom Applications

Leverage the speed delivered by our enterprise low-code tooling to introduce custom employee and agent applications – web and mobile – to automate processes and drive your business at speed.

Contracts Management

A user-friendly solution designed to streamline and optimize your contract management lifecycle. Seamlessly navigate through contract stages, ensure all obligations are met in time, and get reminded on key milestones.

Internal and Regulatory Reporting

Leverage our application accelerators to quickly introduce custom-build regulatory reporting applications.

Low-Code, Rapid Software Development

Low-code  software development helps you digitalize and modernize legacy processes via the speedy introduction of made-to-order, enterprise-grade, software applications.

Enterprise Architecture & Integration

Leverage an enterprise-wide Service Bus or Event-Driven Architectures to connect various public sector departments. Leverage our modern Connect 360 platform for tactical projects.

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