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Digital transformation in insurance can span from the introduction of basic digital capabilities to modernizing a legacy IT estate. At VFTee we can support our customers with strategic thinking and modern tools, helping them navigate these complexities and ensuring a seamless transition to modernized, agile operations that meet and exceed market demands.

Process Automation 

Introduction of modern BPM (Business Process Management) tools in the insurance sector can revolutionize workflow management, including claims processing, and policy administration.

Introduce micro-applications for your employees and agents

Introducing micro-applications tailored for insurance employees and agents can help optimize daily tasks, revolutionizing daily operations and enhancing productivity and responsiveness within the overall insurance ecosystem.

Cost Control

Implementing cost control measures in the insurance sector is critical for maintaining financial resilience and fostering long-term growth. Embracing technology-driven efficiency, optimizing claims processes, and strategic resource allocation are key strategies to curtail operational expenses.


Employee and Agent Custom Applications

Leverage the speed delivered by our enterprise low-code tooling to introduce custom employee and agent applications – web and mobile – to automate processes and drive your business at speed.

Camunda BPM

A modern business process management platform with dozens of client references in the insurance industry. Covers the complete set of needs and is delivered in a flexible cloud or on-premises manner.

Performance Management Pro

A powerful tool to define and monitor employee performance goals. Ensure clarity, alignment, and accountability in achieving organizational objectives.

Contracts Management

A user-friendly solution designed to streamline and optimize your contract management lifecycle. Seamlessly navigate through contract stages, ensure all obligations are met in time, and get reminded on key milestones.

A Perfect Fit For Insurances


Camunda is an workflow and decision automation platform that allows businesses to streamline their processes and automate manual tasks.  With Camunda, users can model, execute, and monitor their workflows, making it easier to manage complex processes and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.  Camunda also provides tools for decision-making, enabling users to model and execute business rules to make data-driven decisions. The platform is highly customizable and can be integrated with a wide range of systems and applications, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

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Camunda for Insurance

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