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Large Enterprise

Continuous Digital Transformation

Whether in response to evolving customer expectations, regulation or market shifts, large enterprises are continuously driving digital initiatives, modernizing legacy systems, and enhancing digital experiences. Ensuring the right architecture, scalability and security is pivotal for sustained growth. This transformational journey requires agile strategies, innovative tech, and robust frameworks for seamless experiences and fortified operations.

Reduce Cost

Reducing IT operational costs is crucial to freeing up resources for innovation and modernization. With propositions such as Low-Code and Enterprise-Grade Open Source, VFTee can be a partner in this journey.

Drive Secure, Agile Processes

Implement comprehensive BPM strategies to analyze, design, execute, monitor, and optimize processes, aligning your daily operations with your overarching goals and objectives.

Address Developer Scarcity

Address developer scarcity while achieving remarkable speed and agility through a modern take on software development. Low-Code platforms enable accelerated application development, allowing faster deployment, optimized resources, and heightened innovation within organizations.


Performance Management Pro

A powerful tool to define and monitor employee performance goals. Ensure clarity, alignment, and accountability in achieving organizational objectives.

Camunda BPM

A modern business process management platform with dozens of client references in the insurance industry. Covers the complete set of needs and is delivered in a flexible cloud or on-premises manner.


Solace is a leading vendor for Event Driven Architecture that has delivered robust digital foundations for banks, telecoms and retailers across the globe. They can support large and small enterprise architectures.

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Insights: Software Systems Integration

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Enterprise Connectivity

Rapid App Dev with Low-Code

Business Process Management

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