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Financial / Banking Institution

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Financial / Banking Institution

A Continuous Digital Transformation

The banking sector is continuously evolving, addressing crucial areas such as digitalizing the customer experience to reduce costs and fend off competition, enforcing stringent regulatory compliance and fortifying security measures, all whilst modernizing legacy systems. This ongoing activity requires a strategic approach to enterprise architecture, and a methodical and sometimes surgical introduction of modern technologies.

Manage Regulation

Adhering to evolving regulatory frameworks requires meticulous monitoring, proactive planning, and robust governance practices. Introducing the right software tools becomes increasingly relevant.

Address Developer Scarcity

Address developer scarcity while introducing the right applications your employees need at remarkable speed and agility. Low-Code platforms enable accelerated application development, allowing faster deployment, optimized resources, and heightened innovation within organizations.

Modernize Legacy

Legacy systems are heavily reliant on traditional middleware that whilst keeping operations running, present opportunities for gradual optimization. These systems are candidates for consolidation, modernization to newer versions, or phased replacement, ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining operational continuity.


Internal and Regulatory Reporting

A low-code accelerator for custom solutions addressing regulatory reporting such as to regulators, tax authorities (DAC6) and more. Reduce reporting burden and tackle ineffective manual processes, ensuring strong compliance and risk reduction.

Approval Workflow Applications

An approval workflow engine, enabling multiple stakeholders to manage tasks and approvals in a highly configurable manner. Build using enterprise-grade low-code.


Solace is a leading vendor for Event Driven Architecture that has delivered robust digital foundations for banks, telecoms and retailers across the globe. They can support large and small enterprise architectures.

Connect 360

A robust application integration engine suitable for tactical integrations and API orchestrations. Optimize data flows and enable information sharing between systems and people.

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Camunda for Financial Services

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Low-Code App Development

Applied AI

Business Process Management


Enterprise Connectivity

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