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Small to Medium Business

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Small to Medium Business

Generate New Value!

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) can derive significant value through digital transformation, gaining from streamlined operations, cost optimizations, and enhanced customer engagement. The trick lies in removing barriers  and managing resource constraints – in people and funding. Collaborating with the right partners becomes an imperative!

Introduce New Applications

Introducing modern applications is crucial for delivering optimizations and driving innovation. Our Micro-applications or custom solutions can set the stage for future growth.

Integrate and share data across your organization

Breaking down silos and facilitating data sharing across departments is a critical challenge. It demands secure platforms that ensure seamless data flow for informed decision-making and operational synergies.

Manage Budget Constraints

Navigating limited budgets and demonstrating the value of technology investments becomes increasingly important for an SMB. This is why at VFTee we leverage a range of commercial and enterprise-grade open-source offerings to meet your specific needs.


Performance Management Pro

A powerful tool to define and monitor employee performance goals. Ensure clarity, alignment, and accountability in achieving organizational objectives.

Insights 360

An integrated computational analytics and business intelligence engine designed to give management a 360-degree, real-time view of its business.

Connect 360

A robust application integration engine suitable for tactical integrations and API orchestrations. Optimize data flows and enable information sharing between systems and people.

Additional Assets

Insights: Enterprise-Grade Open Source

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Enterprise Connectivity

Rapid App Dev with Low-Code

Business Process Management

Other Industries

Large Enterprise

Legal Firm

Financial / Banking Institution


Public Sector Organization

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